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Kim, Owner of Fitness with Fido

Fitness with Fido started because of Oscar. He had so much energy as a puppy and Kim would roller skate with him just to tire him out. Her dogs would always give her the “look” when she left for the gym and she felt bad they weren’t included in her routine. She was also going to the gym on a consistent basis and it took so much time out of her day that she started to combine her workouts outdoors with her dogs! After a few times of working out with them, she thought other people would enjoy saving time so she combined her passion of dogs and fitness together and wanted to share that with everyone!

Wisdom from Kim: “Don’t give up. If something isn’t working, then readjust and try it a different way. Your network is your net worth! So network as much as you can, it creates more opportunities. Also give back when you can whether it’s with your time or money.”

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